BA1101 Homework Assignments:

The assignments will be found on this page and you will be required to download them, answer them and bring them to class on time (beginning of class on the due date). You should also be prepared to explain your results, take a possible quiz on that subject, do any class activities that may be required.

Assignment number Date Due Subject
Elevator Pitch October 1st at 17:00 Yourself!
Photograph assignment October 17th at 17:00 (Postponed to Oct 20th 13:00)
SWOT Analysis November 6th at 17:00 Your SWOTs
Vision-Mission Statements November 18th at 17:00 Vision-Mission
Popular Business Press Article November 27th at 17:00 Business related review
Web Assignment December 4th at 17:00 Website
Complaint Assignment December 18th at 17:00. Consumer law and Customer Satisfaction