BA1101 Class Notes

I plan on distributing the class notes in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format so that there won't be any problems in printing them out. The files will be uploaded to this web page and I will send an email to the class email list announcing any additions. 

You will be expected to come to class with these printed out. Note that these are not the exact slides I will be using. They may have some portions missing that you will be asked to fill-out/ complete during class. These notes will also be in a format that allows making annotations right next to the actual presentation.

If your computer does not recognize the files below you may need to download the Acrobat Reader (It's free!).

File Name Subject covered Date of probable class to be used
BA1101-F2014 Introduction to the course
FUND-ch01.pdf Chapter 1 Oct. 2
FUND-ch02.pdf Chapter 2 Oct. 9
FUND-ch03.pdf Chapter 3 Oct. 23
FUND-ch04.pdf Chapter 4 Nov. 4
FUND-ch05.pdf Chapter 5 Nov. 11
FUND-ch06.pdf Chapter 6 Nov. 18
FUND-ch07.pdf Chapter 7 Nov.
FUND-ch08.pdf Chapter 8 Nov.
FUND-ch09.pdf Chapter 9 Nov.
FUND-ch10.pdf Chapter 10 Nov.
FUND-ch11.pdf Chapter 11 Dec.
FUND-ch12.pdf Chapter 12 Dec.
FUND-ch13.pdf Chapter 13 Dec.
FUND-ch16.pdf Chapter 16 Dec.